Darnell Dockett, Chris Rix exchange heated (online) words over Florida State history

Jay Busbee

What happens in Tallahassee apparently doesn't stay in Tallahassee. The Arizona Cardinals' Darnell Dockett and sportscaster/coach Chris Rix, former Florida State University teammates who've followed separate paths since their days in burgundy and gold, exchanged a few heated words on Twitter this week about their shared history.

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It started with Rix appearing on Jay Mohr's radio show Mohr Sports. In the interview (audio here), Rix opened the door to Dockett's history, and Mohr followed up. Here, via SB Nation, is a transcription of what happened next:

Rix: I was surprised AJ [McCarron] would come back. He's a humble, quiet guy. He's got the girl. He's got the ring. I wouldn't think he would need to do that. But I give him a little credit for standing up for himself. But there were all these jokes about Darnell and what his preference was in college, if I might, because there was a few incidents of him hanging out with some dudes in the union and stuff...

Mohr: Did guys make fun of Darnell Dockett's sexuality to his face?

Rix: Yes they did. He would get defensive at times as most guys would. But let's just say there were a few questions of why is Darnell hanging at this dude's house or this guy's dorm room a little bit more than you're used to hanging out at guys' door dorms.

Speaking of dorm rooms, we're hanging out at Burt Reynolds Hall, which is the dorm where underclassmen stay at Florida State. My room was right next to Greg Jones' room. They're hanging out playing video games, Madden was just getting big at this time, and we had both of our doors open.

I remember hearing Mike Boulware and Greg Jones, it was their room, and Darnell and some other guys were hanging out. Long story short, Darnell was making fun of Greg Jones, we were just freshmen, and Darnell was a year older than us. He said something that rubbed Greg Jones the wrong way -- I don't know if it was questioning his toughness, they were measuring their biceps, two big dudes. He said something that Greg didn't like. Greg picks up Darnell Dockett -- you know Greg Jones of the Jacksonville Jaguars, clearing the way for MJD for years -- he picks him up WWE-style and slams him through that coffee table that they have inside of your dorm room. Classic story. Let's just say Darnell never said anything that would offend Greg Jones from that day on.

Rix also said he had a "sigh of relief" when he saw Dockett's tweets, apparently implying he was relieved to see Dockett chasing a female. Make of that what you will.

Well, Dockett, as you can imagine from the story above, didn't take kindly to the implication. In a series of since-deleted tweets, Dockett said ... well, we really can't tell you what he said, because it's so completely profane. A sample: "I heard u lying on me, no one liked your sorry ass ever, when I see u im whooping yo ass on everything I love." Also: "Say everything u said on radio in my face!" And: "bobby Bowden didn't like yo sorry ass!" (That last one seems curious, as Rix was the only four-year starter at quarterback in FSU history.)

Rix offered up an apology of his own on Twitter. And when it was clear that Dockett was having none of it, Rix doubled down: "1 thing you can control about apologizing to someone: Doing it. // 1 thing you can't control: whether they accept it."

So for now, things seem to have calmed down. Seems like we need a Seminole Summit to get this sorted out, though.

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