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Cry, Whine and Moan: Cedric makes Chicago sad

Shutdown Corner

"Cry, Whine and Moan" is a weekly Sunday evening feature where fans of victory-challenged teams can gather to commiserate. Feel free to vent your frustration with your team's players, coaches or management in the comments below. And please, fans of teams who aren't on the list: Leave those less fortunate alone. This post is a taunting-free zone. The losers deserve that much.

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Chicago Bears: Cedric Benson(notes), worthless as a Bear and the league's leading rusher as a Bengal, had the kind of performance today that could only be born out of spite and resentment. Bears fans were already a little sensitive on the subject of Cedric, and now they're downright sick. Benson rolled the Bears for 189 yards on the ground, which is, of course, a career high. Matt Forte(notes), meanwhile, who was supposed to make everyone in Chicago forget about Benson, had another impotent day, carrying just six times for 24 yards.

Oakland Raiders: The crash back down to reality is never fun, is it? After an unlikely win over the Eagles last week, the Raiders were coldly reminded of their place in the NFL food chain by the Jets. The Raiders allowed two Jets to run for more than 120 yards, coughed up four turnovers and were doubled up in first downs.

Cleveland Browns: The saddest stat of the day might be that the Browns were unable to sack the extraordinarily sackable Aaron Rodgers(notes). It's the first game this season in which Rogers hasn't hit the turf. The Lions got him five times, and even the Rams got him twice. Cleveland, however, allowed him 246 yards and three touchdowns on just 20 attempts. Ryant Grant went buckwild on them too, with 148 yards and a touchdown.

Kansas City Chiefs: Matt Cassel(notes), with a fair amount of help from the Chiefs receivers, had a rough day: 10-of-25 for 97 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions. That's not good, especially against a Chargers pass defense that's been pretty porous this season. The good news? Lance Long(notes) had a couple of receptions for the Chiefs, so maybe he can quit the pornography business soon.

St. Louis Rams: Another Rams game, another wasted Steven Jackson performance. He carried 23 times for 134 yards, and you'd think it would be hard to lose when you're getting that kind of production from the running back position. But not only did the Rams lose, they got pasted 42-6. We've got to find a way to get Jackson out of St. Louis. This isn't fair.

Carolina Panthers: How do you lose when you win the time-of-possession battle by almost 10 minutes, rack up 425 yards of offense and hold the other team to 167 yards? Turning the ball over four times is a good start.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Well, at least it wasn't the first time today that the people of England had to watch a Glazer-owned team get beat down.

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