Cowboys Stadium will now be AT&T Stadium, if that matters to you

Frank Schwab

If you care about the long, storied history of four-year old Cowboys Stadium, the name change to AT&T Stadium will really be bothersome.

Nobody? OK, good.

Dallas' wonderful and enormous football stadium will now be named after the phone service provider, owner Jerry Jones said.

The deal is worth between $17-19 million per year, according to ESPN. For that kind of check, we won't rip Jones for selling out and turning his back on the illustrious moments when the stadium was simply known as Cowboys Stadium, like that one Cowboys playoff game or the basketball games played in front of an audience that probably can barely see the court, or the Super Bowl in which hundreds of fans were told they didn't have seats because of a snafu. Good times.

The question is, is AT&T really going to do almost $20 million more in business because its name is on this stadium? That seems like a lot of extra cell phone minutes for people to buy.

But we all know no matter what they name it, everyone's still going to call it by its real name – Jerry World.

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