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Couple accused of leaving 9-year-old son at Browns game

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Week 3 was not a great parenting week in the NFL.

On Monday, Justin Tuck told us about a 7- or 8-year-old kid throwing a beer bottle at the Giants team bus. Wednesday, a couple of Cleveland-area parents have topped that, easily.

Anna and Earnest Fugate are accused of leaving their 9-year-old foster son at the Browns game on Sunday. Dave Nethers at Fox 8 has the whole sordid story, but here are some of the relevant details.

According to police reports, Anna and Earnest Fugate of Circleville had come to the city's muni-lot where they started arguing while "partying" before the Browns-Dolphins game.

Earnest then went on to the stadium, leaving their 9-year-old foster son with Anna, even though she was "obviously intoxicated," "acting loopy, bumping into other people," according to police.

"Anna then gave the boy to two strangers, who were heading into the game with game-day tickets," according to the report. The two strangers turned him over to a security guard at the stadium.

A police lieutenant later stopped the Fugates' vehicle as they were trying to leave the muni-lot together, without their foster son.

"When asked why they were leaving without their child, they shrugged," the officer reported. "When asked why they did not report the child missing, they laughed."

Lovely. Anna and Earnest have been charged with misdemeanor child endangering and they pled not guilty. If they're convicted, they could do time.

I know there are a lot of bad parents out there, and a lot of kids get neglected, but leaving a child at a Browns game? I realize that these kids would be better off with pretty much anyone, but maybe we should aim a little higher than leaving him in the custody of this and this.

Let's cross our fingers and hope that the best thing is done for the child here.

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