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On The Corner, podcast #7: 16-0 vs. 0-16, Will Leitch and his tentative excitement about the Cardinals and a mailbag

Shutdown Corner

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We're back after another dormant week, but we've made up with it in both quality and quantity. Quantity, anyway. We've got almost 40 minutes of podcast here, and a small portion of it is either informative or entertaining.

First, Danks and I talk for a short while about what's more likely, Detroit going 0-16, or Tennessee going 16-0.

Then, we continue with another guest, this time Will Leitch, formerly of Deadspin, and currently of New York magazine. Will shares his time to talk about the Arizona Cardinals, the certainty (though Will only feels safe calling it a possibility) that the Cardinals are making the playoffs, and how weird it is to see them succeed.

From there, we've got an actual mailbag, with actual questions from actual listeners.

I really REALLY appreciate those of you who took the time to call in and ask questions, and I hope more of you do the same between now and the next podcast (304- 933- 4488). Anything that's on your mind.

Listen right here:

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