On The Corner, podcast #4: On Eddie Hochuli's future, Marvin Harrison's heat, trying to believe in the Bears, and much more


This is our fourth podcast, and to celebrate, we have absolutely nothing special.

The first subject of discussion is Eddie Hochuli, and what the future might hold for him. We also guess at what the personal lives of other league officials might be like. From there, we turn to Marvin Harrison and the trouble/inconvenience he could be facing, and then there's a great deal of discussion about the trouble I'm having accepting the Chicago Bears as a legitimate team.

Also this week, Danks and I will pick a couple of games against the spread, in a competition that we'll be having that'll last all year long. I am fairly certain, though, that after one week, we'll be tied.

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(Oh, and about the iTunes problem some of you have been having ... I think it was some kind of file format issue, so I used a different program to create the mp3 this week, so it might be fixed. But I have no idea. I am not technologically gifted in these areas, but I'm trying. We'll get it figured out.)