Colts coach Chuck Pagano on Trent Richardson: ‘We did not bring him in here to be the water boy’

Anwar S Richardson
September 19, 2013

Newly acquired Indianapolis Colts running back Trent Richardson was traded from the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday. He arrived at the Indianapolis' facility on Thursday. Now there is a strong possibility Richardson could start against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

Colts coach Chuck Pagano did not waste any time dispelling the belief that Richardson would be limited until he learned the playbook. Instead, Pagano said he will not place any restrictions on his running back this weekend.

“We did not bring him in here to be the water boy on Sunday,” Pagano said via “He’ll be ready to roll.”

When asked what kind of workload Richardson would receive, Pagano's answer was direct:

“As much as he can handle,” Pagano said via “As much as he can handle.”

Considering Indianapolis traded a 2014 first-round pick for Richardson, it is easy to understand why the Colts are eager to see him play. Indianapolis was not comfortable with running back Ahmad Bradshaw carrying the entire workload, while Vic Ballard is out for the season due to an ACL injury.

Richardson definitely benefited from the trade because he joins a playoff team with more talent than Cleveland. He also joins quarterback Andrew Luck, who was selected No.1 overall last year, while Richardson was third overall.

“I like to call it like a one-two punch, you know what I’m saying?” Richardson told “Me and Andrew, we’ve been around each other for quite a while now, being from the Heisman to the draft and training and stuff.”

It appears that connection will continue Sunday.