Close out Father’s Day with Colt McCoy singing a silly song about being a ‘guy’

Shutdown Corner

Colt McCoy, enjoying what might be his last few days in Cleveland, took in a concert by country superstar Brad Paisley on Friday night. He even got to take the stage and sing a few bars with Paisley, probably because Brandon Weeden wasn't there.

As far as McCoy's vocal performance goes, well … it's certainly not going to increase his trade value.

The song in question is "I'm Still a Guy," which defines masculinity as having dry hands, failing to appreciate art and seeing the act of holding a woman's purse as "weakness" (likely excluding this guy from being a guy).

But Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there, whether they meet this definition or not. If someone sang you a song today, I hope they did it better than Colt McCoy.