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Chris Johnson’s big day at Titans headquarters

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Wednesday's a big day to anyone interested in whether or not Chris Johnson plays a full season of tackle football in 2011. He announced on Twitter on Tuesday that he would be in Nashville on Wednesday to meet with the Titans. Media met him at the airport Tuesday night.

As for Johnson's expectations of what might happen Wednesday, the note in his Twitter post that "things could get better or things could get worse" is a little ominous.

But at least they're meeting. No deal was going to be struck with Johnson sitting at home and the Titans not doing much of anything. Even if negotiations blow up Wednesday, and Johnson storms out of the room saying he'll never play for the Titans again, at least it's movement. At least both parties would have some idea of what they're doing next.

It's hard to guess at how things will go down. You always think that, in the end, common sense and the greater good will win out and there's a deal there that the Titans and Johnson could live with. If he wants something in the neighborhood of $30 million guaranteed, there probably is. If he needs to equal or better the $50 million that Larry Fitzgerald got, there probably isn't.

Titans games could be won or lost Wednesday. Fantasy seasons will be made or broken Wednesday. Let's hope for the best.

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