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Chiefs take key perk away from stadium’s gameday employees

Shutdown Corner

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In the past, ticket takers and parking lot attendants at Arrowhead Stadium have had a nice perk of the job. After their duties were complete, they were allowed to watch the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs game from inside the stadium. Now the Chiefs are taking away the privilege.

Employees were recently notified that they would no longer be allowed to watch the game from the standing-only area they've gone to in the past. Ticket-taker Steve Warner explained the situation to Kansas City's Fox 4:

"We were told that when we work and we are done, we are to clock out and leave the premises. [...] That's when everybody was very, very, very upset. knowing that. When we go and work hard at the gates and knowing that it's hot outside or freezing in January, even during the season, you get your benefit of going and watching the game."

"You work hard, and plain and simple. We don't get paid a lot of money. [...] Why take that privilege away from everybody?"

The team issued a prepared statement that provided little insight into the decision. "We're working to develop policies and practices that provide the best possible experience for our fans and fair and appropriate compensation and benefits for our employees," the team wrote.

If the Chiefs gave a valid reason for the change in policy -- people were cutting out early from their work assignments, the team wanted to sell more tickets to the standing-room area -- then at least there would be a chance to defend them. A blanket statement like the one released allows people like myself to fairly make ridiculous, irresponsible statements like "the Chiefs clearly hate the working man."

On the other hand, the argument from the Chiefs workers in favor of watching the game is based solely on the "this is the way it's always been" defense. Working before an event doesn't necessarily entitle you to attend it or else wedding seating charts would be filled with florists and busboys.

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