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Chad Henne looks great in stripes

Jay Hart
Shutdown Corner

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Chad Henne and his wife, Brittany.

Doesn't look like Chad Henne's doing too badly after getting let go by Miami only to sit on the bench behind Blaine Gabbert in Jacksonville. Check out this cuddly little photo courtesy of the Facebook page of Henne's wife, Brittany, his girl since he was 14.

His and hers onesies? You're either throwing up or jealous right now. Either way, give it up to Chad for his perfect execution of a happy-wife-happy-life end around.

Henne could have more reasons to smile if Jacksonville figures out it's better off with him under center rather than Gabbert, who's out for the season with an arm injury. All Henne has done in the three games since taking over at quarterback for the Jaguars is throw for 817 yards and seven touchdowns.

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