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Center prospect David Molk does not lack for confidence

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David Molk (Getty Images)

I can't recall ever seeing a war of words between center prospects heading into the NFL draft. It is Leap Day, though ‒ the day to do things you wouldn't normally do. Leap Day William would be proud of former Michigan center David Molk.

Molk firmly believes he's the best center in the upcoming draft. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but rare is the center as confident as Molk. He believes that he is awesome, that it's "stupid" to have any center ranked above him, and he's not afraid to name names when discussing centers inferior to him. Here's Molk on a variety of subjects, via

On draft experts not having him ranked as the top center:

"The fact they could consider any center better than me is pretty stupid."

On center Peter Konz of Wisconsin:

"I have skills he doesn't have. Obviously, my strength is far better, I'm faster, I would say I'm smarter. Obviously, he's an intelligent person, I've talked to him, but I just think I have a technique that's unmatched (by him)."

On center Mike Brewster of Ohio State:

"He is nowhere near me as a player."

Brewster noticed the comments and responded on Twitter:

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I guess centers are the new wide receivers.

Molk led all linemen at the combine with an impressive 41 reps in the bench press. Brewster's 29 is nothing to scoff at, though, and most draft people do have him rated higher than Molk.

It's a shame a rivalry like this can't exist between guys who might one day play against one another. Unless the rules of football change drastically, Molk will never line up across from Brewster. Until their careers are established and we can look back at both of them, the draft will probably be the only barometer we have of who wins the Molk vs. Brewster verbal slapfight.

Gracias, PFT.

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