Carson Palmer gives the Cardinals his blessing to draft a quarterback

Frank Schwab
April 16, 2014
Carson Palmer gives the Cardinals his blessing to draft a quarterback

Carson Palmer is 34. He hasn't had a quarterback rating over 85 since 2007. He had 22 interceptions last year, second-most in the NFL.

He's a stopgap quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. He's not so bad he'll kill your chances of winning, considering he had 4,274 yards and 24 touchdowns to go with all those interceptions last year. But if the Cardinals haven't been looking for his replacement, they've been making a mistake.

Palmer seems to realize the inevitability of the team finding a younger quarterback, and he told Cardinals' web site writer Darren Urban that he's fine with the team drafting his eventual replacement.

“If you are in a position to draft the best player on your board, and that’s the best position to be in as an organization, and (a quarterback) is the best player on the board, you are not only making your team better by creating competition but you are helping out the future," Palmer told

Not that the team would have passed on a quarterback if it would have upset Palmer, but it makes a lot of sense if they invested in a quarterback of the future in this draft. The Cardinals have often had a high pick through the years, but this isn't one of those years after they finished 10-6. But this quarterback class not only has a few quarterbacks that should go in the top 10 but more than a few that could end up being drafted ether late in the first round or after the first round who could become solid NFL starters. Given an offensive-minded head coach like Bruce Arians to work with, a second-round or mid-round quarterback could be a great value for the Cardinals.

And the incumbent doesn't seem like he would create any waves.

"That’s the business," Palmer told "It doesn’t matter how you feel about it, whether it irks you or you don’t care. That’s the game.”

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