Cam Newton fined $10,000 by NFL for wearing unauthorized visor clips on his helmet

Frank Schwab
September 27, 2013

When Forbes noticed that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had been displaying the Under Armour logo on his helmet in the subtle form of the clips that hold on his visor, the NFL wasn't going to let that uniform violation slide without doing something.

And the infraction cost Newton $10,000. The cost of those clips at your local sporting goods store? Just $9.99. Ouch.

The clips are a violation because the logo is showing, and Under Armour is not an official uniform or helmet provider of the NFL. Newton or others can wear those clips, but the logo would have to be blackened out.

Other NFL players were spotted wearing similar Under Armour visor clips last week, once the news of Newton broke and more photos could be examined, but there wasn't immediate word on if other fines were handed down.

Under Armour will likely be happy to bump Newton's endorsement contract up a bit to cover the fine, considering the story provided them way more value in advertising than what Newton was fined. But it's not surprising the NFL didn't let it slide, even though it Newton had done this in his rookie year of 2011, last year and this year and nobody had ever noticed. The NFL doesn't allow players to wear anything that is unlicensed on their uniform, or they will be fined. That goes for pregame warm-ups and postgame press conferences as well. The NFL protects its corporate partners, and that's what it did in this instance.

Newton and the Carolina Panthers have a bye this week, so he has some time to find some visor clips that won't cost him a five-figure fine.

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