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Calvin Johnson on the cover of Madden NFL 13 (PHOTO)

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The cover that will destroy Calvin Johnson's career made its way online this week.

Johnson, the Detroit Lions wide receiver who will soon tear his ACL/be involved in a freak circus accident/become the only human to fulfill the Mayan 2012 curse, recently won the cover vote for Madden NFL 13. The team posted the first photo of his inevitable downfall on Wednesday.

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(Detroit Lions)

Doesn't he look more like a 6-year-old playing catch for the first time rather than the NFL's best receiver? Why does he look so unsure of himself? He's Calvin Johnson! He exudes football machismo. Everything he does on the football field looks awesome, like he was born to do it. This just looks awkward.

Here's a picture of Megatron in a similar stance, snapped prior to a 2011 game:

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(Getty Images)

What's different? Three things jump out:

1. Visors look cool when they reflect, not so cool when they're totally clear.

2. The presence of a football greatly helps. When Johnson has his hands up in the bottom picture, you're shown why. He could be doing anything in that Madden cover.

3. With his open mouth, Johnson is just as likely to catch flies as a football.

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