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Buffalo tops the Weather Channel’s list of worst NFL weather cities

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The Weather Channel released its top-five worst cities for NFL weather, and to the surprise of no one, Buffalo tops the list. Between winds that have tilted goal posts and legendary snow, Buffalo's title is well-earned. It is followed by Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Kansas City. Wait, Kansas City?

Having lived both in Columbia, Mo., which is an hour and a half east of Kansas City, and Chicago, yes. The weather is worse in Kansas City because of the humidity and ice. Neither are conducive to football play. The Weather Channel also cites Kansas City's wind and several days below freezing.

The cold and snow in Green Bay landed it on the list, while Cleveland and Pittsburgh's cold, snow, wind and rain were all factored in their rank. Domed stadium cities like Minneapolis and Detroit were not included.

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The Weather Channel used weather factors that could affect a game to come up with its total score. That included snow, wind, cold, precipitation and heat in September through December, meaning that playoff weather was not examined. The Patriots' comfort with playing in terrible weather has helped them, but their most remembered bad-weather games have come in the postseason.

Looking at the rest of the list may surprise you, as Miami is considered worse than Chicago because of its heat and rain. Considering how the flood conditions in Jacksonville affected its play in a loss to Carolina, water is an important factor. San Diego's utopian weather is also considered the best for football.

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