Bucs coach Greg Schiano hangs up on Detroit Lions media during conference call

Anwar S Richardson
November 20, 2013

UPDATE: Audio reveals Lions media was told Greg Schiano was about to hang up

NFL fans are accustomed to seeing coaches stand in front of a camera and answer questions, but one of their lesser-known responsibilities usually occurs every Wednesday.

That is when coaches hop on conference calls with media members in the opposing city of the team they are about to face. Coaches are often very laid back on those conference calls because most of the questions are pretty generic during that 10-to-15-minute time span. Reporters typically ask specific questions, but nobody is trying to win a Pulitzer that day.

It appears Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano is not a fan of the reporters who cover the Detroit Lions after an incident on Wednesday.

Tampa Bay will face Detroit in Ford Field on Sunday, and after answering questions for almost six minutes, Schiano abruptly hung up the phone.

What could have prompted such a negative reaction?

But wait. It gets better.

After reporters began tweeting about their rude treatment, the Bucs went into spin control.

Seriously, Schiano?

Considering three Bucs players acquired the staph infection this year, it is a fair question. And if it was a subject Schiano did not want to talk about, he could have declined, much like the majority of NFL coaches who are dealt questions they prefer not to address.

By the way, public relations staff members routinely sit next to their coaches during every conference call, and if Schiano's time constraints were an issue, they could have immediately addressed it after he hung up. Even better, they could have informed the media Schiano was on a tight schedule before the call, but considering he ended the conversation without any notice, it appears to be just another unprofessional Schiano moment in Tampa Bay.

Hopefully, for Schiano, he does not get the same reaction if he has to search for a job after this season.

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