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Brandon Weeden ‘throws’ what might just be the worst pass in NFL history

Jay Busbee
Shutdown Corner

Friends, we don't usually give you this kind of warning, but trust us: you're going to want to use caution before watching the video of Brandon Weeden's game-killing interception. It's awful. It's so bad that it could give small children nightmares. If you choose to watch it, don't say you weren't warned.

The story: Weeden's Browns were down just a touchdown to the Detroit Lions with under five minutes to play. The Browns were at midfield, the play broke down, and Weeden inexplicably thought it would be a good idea to loft a 15-yard shovel pass rather than sling the ball out of bounds or even take the sack.

Surely the ball looked the size of a beach ball to Detroit's DeAndre Levy, and Levy didn't whiff on the catch. He snagged the ball as easily as pulling a cookie jar off a shelf, and three minutes later, Detroit salted away the game with a touchdown. Final score: Detroit 31, Cleveland 17.

Weeden threw for 292 yards and two touchdowns, but also two interceptions, including this backbreaker. He let a 17-7 lead slip away, and the loss snapped Cleveland's three-game winning streak.

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