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Brady Quinn to be handed job, finally

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Just as God intended, Brady Quinn will finally be handed the Cleveland Browns starting job, without ever having proved he was better than anyone else.

The Browns failed to reach a deal with Derek Anderson before midnight last night, and Browns general manager Phil Savage says that makes it pretty unlikely that he'll be back with the Browns.

That leaves Brady Quinn as the default starter, which means that he'll actually have to spend his time before the game warming up, instead of checking out Kurt Warner's apple bottom.

The Browns might not be terribly broken up about that, as they'll receive compensatory 1st and 3rd round draft picks if/when someone else signs Anderson.

I just don't know if this makes sense for either party. From the Browns side of things, I don't know if it's ever a good idea to let go of a quarterback who's proven that he's a capable starter.

It's not that I don't believe Brady Quinn will be a good quarterback, it's just that QB is the most important and most difficult position to fill on a team, and if you've got one, you keep him. Even if you have two, you keep them.

And for Anderson, it seems like a gamble to say, "Yes, I'm sure that someone else will offer me more than the 3 years and $20 million the Browns were offering." Maybe he felt that Browns preferred Quinn all along and wanted to get out of that situation, but financially, I don't know if he'll be any better off because of this.

(UPDATE: And as soon as I hit "publish" on this post, the Browns signed Derek Anderson [you're a damn liar, Phil Savage]. Please disregard everything you've just read. You may still continue to enjoy the photo, though.)

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