Bill Cowher in weird spot on Time Warner-CBS dispute, since he gets paid by both

Frank Schwab
August 27, 2013

Bill Cowher appeared in a number of new advertisements this year for Time Warner Cable, extolling the virtues of the cable provider.

The irony is that all the folks who did switch over to Time Warner on the prodding of Cowher might be blacked out from watching the former Steelers coach on his regular job at CBS.

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Since Aug. 2, CBS has been blacked out for millions on Time Warner, as the two sides can't come to an agreement on how much Time Warner pays for CBS' programming. The dispute has gotten fairly ugly. CBS has even blocked people who use Time Warner as an internet provider from accessing the CBS content online.

Cowher must feel like a kid watching his two parents fight.

Cowher has been with CBS since early 2007. He was hired to be an analyst with the network shortly after he resigned from his job as Steelers coach. And despite annual speculation that he'd be a top candidate for any coaching opening, he apparently likes life on the CBS set too much to return to the sideline. He's a fixture on CBS' NFL coverage now.

Cowher also became a Time Warner spokesman:

Now he's one of very few people stuck squarely in the middle of a dispute that has outraged many – and just wait to see how that outrage multiplies if the dispute hasn't been settled by the first Sunday of the NFL regular season.

Since Cowher gets paychecks from both sides, it's not surprising that he kept his thoughts on the matter limited to a general statement.

"It’s unfortunate, but hopefully it will be resolved soon," Cowher said in a statement through CBS.

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