Bill Belichick, gay idol


Okay, maybe not. But Bill Belichick does grace the cover of the newest Boston Spirit, "Boston's premier magazine for the gay and lesbian community."

No, he's not coming out, and no, the magazine did not recruit him to do a lengthy, detailed interview about what Tom Brady looks like in the shower.

In fact, the article inside, about whether or not the city of Boston is ready to accept a gay athlete, has little to do with Belichick at all. They put Belichick on the cover, because, according to publisher David Zimmerman, "He is currently the most recognizable coach in the New England area."

I don't know why it had to be a coach. I don't presume that I can speak for the gay men of Boston, but wouldn't a Tom Brady cover have drawn more interest? But I guess if they had put Brady on the cover, every gay man in Boston would've called in sick the day the magazine hit the stands. It would've been terrible for productivity in New England ... but probably pretty good for hand lotion sales.

My alternate theory is that Belichick called up Spirit and asked if he could be the cover boy, just to agitate Tony Dungy.

Think Bill Belichick will get into ’Spirit’ of things? / Boston Herald