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Ben Utecht's gospel rock should be a hit in Cincy's locker room

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I've learned two things about Cincinnati Bengals tight end Ben Utecht that I didn't know before today. One, he's the religious sort; kind of like the Kurt Warner of tight ends. And two, he's a musician with a lovely voice and a new album devoted to his relationship with Christ.

From the Christian Broadcasting Network:

Full of passion, depth and insight into the struggles of faith and life, Utecht is a fresh new wordsmith, musician and singer, from an unlikely arena. Utecht has performed the national anthem at numerous college and pro sports events, played at churches over the years and even sung for both President Bushes. Tomorrow he celebrates the new album release with a concert at the Montgomery Community Church in Cincinnati, OH.

When asked about his successes, Utecht responds, “My identity is as a Christian, not a football player or musician. In music and sports, the things people are doing become who they are. While people come to hear my testimony as a professional athlete, or see me as a musician, it is who I am as a believer in Christ that I want people to see.”

It appears to be a self-titled album, and you can hear it here.

I'm happy for anyone who's found something to believe in, and if singing about his faith makes Ben Utecht feel happy, then I'm all for it. I wouldn't have thought that he'd be the first Cincinnati Bengal putting out an album, though. My guess is that it would have been an album titled "Find A Law And I'll Break It," by ... well, any number of people, really.

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