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Bart Scott is yelling at Sal Palantonio for some reason

Shutdown Corner

The New York Jets, having taken on the personality of their head coach, are fueled by taking things personally as well as a high degree of bravado.

Here's linebacker Bart Scott(notes), who played an outstanding game against the Patriots, putting both qualities on display.

Aside from being really angry/happy, I'm not really sure what the hell Bart Scott is talking about. I can't recall anyone saying the Patriots had a better defense than the Jets, and I don't know why anyone would believe that. And as far as the talking of crap goes, I know it went back and forth, but I feel confident in saying that most of it originated with the Jets. The Jets talk more trash than anyone in the league, don't they?

Not that I'd ever say any of that to Bart Scott. He plays emotionally, and wherever he gets his fuel, it works for him and it works for the Jets. Also, I wouldn't want him to yell at me like that.

I just hope he doesn't stay up tonight, calling Sal Palantonio's home phone at all hours of the night, just screaming into the receiver about disrespect. It seems like he wants to.

Gracias, Pro Football Talk.

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