Audio reveals Lions media was told Bucs coach Greg Schiano was going to hang up

Anwar S Richardson
November 20, 2013

Upon further review, Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano may have cut his conference call short with the Detroit Lions media on Wednesday, but they should have known it was coming.

Members of the Lions media accused Schiano of hanging up on them during the coach’s weekly conference call with reporters in an opposing city on Wednesday. It appeared Schiano hung up on them after he was asked a question about MRSA judging their stories and reactions of Twitter.

However, Shutdown Corner was provided the entire audio transcript of the conference call, and Nelson Luis, Tampa Bay’s director of communications, could be heard saying, “time for a couple of more guys” toward the end of the interview.

In fact, Schiano did not shy away from the MRSA question, but actually gave a very long answer.

“There’s so much misinformation about that whole issue, not just with our instance, but in general,” Schiano said. “The fear that people with, really, a lack of understanding, and the reason I can say that is because I didn’t understand. But MRSA’s everywhere, and it’s a matter of practicing good habits and hygiene and all that stuff. But yeah, I think we’re doing fine with that and, unfortunately, it affected some of the players, their health, and it affected, certainly, our environment here, as far as distraction goes, both those things. But I’m glad that’s in the rearview mirror, and this team’s doing nothing but looking forward. Guys I appreciate it. I’ll see you on Sunday.”

Even through Schiano did not speak for more than six minutes, he expanded on every question he was asked, and there was never a tense moment.

However, Roy Cummings of The Tampa Tribune was very apprehensive on Twitter after hearing the reports out of Detroit.

Of course, that prompted a response from a Detroit media member.

If the battle on the field between Detroit and Tampa Bay is uneventful, the fight between Bucs and Lions media members might be worth watching on Sunday.

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