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Ask an NFL'er: Scientists close to inventing invisibility cloak

Shutdown Corner

German scientists were able to hide a small bump in three dimensions, an advancement that puts science one step closer to inventing an "invisibility cloak." Your thoughts, NFL person?

Javon Walker(notes), wide receiver, free agent

"I once invented something similar myself. I've been wearing it ever since the Raiders decided to sign me to a six-year, $55 million deal."
Thurman Thomas,
former running back, Buffalo Bills

"I'm going to find the man who put one of those on my helmet right before Super Bowl XXVI. And then I'm going to kill him."

Matt Jones(notes)
, wide receiver, Cincinnati Bengals

"Dude, you have invisible co -- oh wait, you said 'cloak.' Never mind."

Idea, obviously, borrowed from The Onion.

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