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Arrowhead Stadium sets loudest crowd record after Chiefs fans hit 137.5 decibels

Kevin Kaduk
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After getting out to a 6-0 start, the Kansas City Chiefs have restored the roar at Arrowhead Stadium. So much so that their supporters set a new world record for crowd noise on Sunday afternoon.

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With a representative from Guinness World Records on hand for a 24-7 win over Oakland, Chiefs fans cheered so loudly that it was measured at 137.5 decibels, good for the loudest recorded crowd at a sporting event. It was enough to break the previous record of 136.6, set by Seattle Seahawks fans just last month.

According to this chart, 137.5 decibels measures well past a rock concert (115 dB), the level at which pain begins (125 dB) and just short of a jet engine that you're standing 100 feet away from (140 dB). The loudest recommended exposure that anyone can withstand without hearing loss is 140 dB so anyone wishing to break Arrowhead's record might want to think about their personal health first.

Arrowhead Stadium was recognized as one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL when a crowd hit 116 dB during the glory days of Derrick Thomas and Co. A group of fans aimed to reclaim that legacy after Seattle broke the record of a Turkish soccer stadium last month.

“We want the fans being as loud as ever and we’re doing everything we can to break a world record and to reach 137 decibels,” Ty Rowton, one of the group members explained to “But more importantly, the main goal of all of this is to bring back Arrowhead and make it the loudest and most intimidating stadium in the NFL.”

Mission accomplished. As Kansas City Star columnist Sam Mellinger tweeted during Sunday's game: "Arrowhead going all Arrowhead."

Now pass the ear plugs, please. It looks like Seattle wants its record back.

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