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Arizona’s Andre Ellington gets some dreadlocks ripped out by Jacksonville end Jason Babin

Frank Schwab
Shutdown Corner

In addition to being a pretty good rookie running back, Andre Ellington of the Arizona Cardinals has a head of flowing dreadlocks.

After Sunday's 27-14 victory, he has fewer dreadlocks, thanks to Jacksonville Jaguars end Jason Babin.

Aft the end of a run by Ellington, Babin reached out and grabbed a hold of Ellington's hair. To Ellington's chagrin, Babin came away with some of his hair.

That hurts just looking at the video. That's more than just a little bit of hair that Babin yanked out of Ellington's head.

"A little taunt but what can you say?" Ellington said after the game. "Hair is an accessory. Nothing serious. We got the win." 

NFL defenders haven't been shy about grabbing dreadlocks to slow down a runner (that's within NFL rules) but this is the first time we can remember the hair not staying attached.

There is a happy ending to this story, though. Ellington's dreads were placed in a plastic bag and returned to him after the game.

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