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  • Marshawn Lynch shakes off illness, sickens Cardinals with amazing run

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner26 mins ago

    Marshawn Lynch spent the first quarter of Sunday night's game vomiting into a Gatorade bucket and scarfing down Skittles, according to various reports. Whatever he did, it worked well enough to inspire him to one of the greatest runs of the year.

    The game was already well in hand when Lynch ripped off this 79-yard beauty, a masterpiece that included speed, strength, stamina, will, and a good old-fashioned, flying-backward ... well, let's call it an "equipment adjustment."

    The run marked Lynch's longest-ever run from scrimmage, and firmly sealed a 35-6 victory over Arizona that put Seattle on a Super Bowl trajectory. Lynch finished with 110 yards and two touchdowns, and whatever strife exists between him and the rest of the Seahawks seemed far, far away.

    After the game, buoyed by the victory and basking in the glow of a fine day's work, Lynch was friendly, forthcoming, and thoughtful. Ha! Just kidding. He was as distant as ever, and he's only a few games away from repeating reporters' questions back at them word-for-word like an 11-year-old just trying to tick you off:

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  • Bengals-Steelers will cap Week 17 as playoff spots are sorted out

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner2 hrs ago

    The NFL has picked the Cincinnati Bengals-Pittsburgh Steelers AFC North title clash as the last game of its regular season, on “Sunday Night Football" to cap what will be an interesting Week 17.

    The league waits until the Sunday night game in Week 16 to announce the last “Sunday Night Football” matchup of the year to ensure a good prime-time game. The Bengals-Steelers was selected over the Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers, which will determine the NFC North champ, and the Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons game that will decide the NFC South winner.

    The Steelers have battled inconsistency and rebounded from some bad losses to win three in a row and put themselves in position to win the AFC North with one more home victory. The Bengals, who won the division last season, play Denver on Monday night. Cincinnati can clinch a playoff berth with a win in that game, but no matter what, Sunday night's showdown will determine the division champ.

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