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  • Worst Super Bowl ad ever? Nationwide's jarring dead-kid ad

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner50 mins ago

    In a Super Bowl already laden with heart-tugging ads designed to remind you that you could be a much better friend, parent, lover, or airplane seatmate, it takes something especially egregious to stand out. Midway through the second quarter, Nationwide unveiled an ad of a mopheaded little kid talking of all the wondrous things he'd never do ... BECAUSE HE IS DEAD.

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    Really. Nationwide thought it was a great idea to show a dead-kid ad in the middle of the Super Bowl. Yes, yes, we know, this is a Serious Issue, but come on. I'm generally a live-and-let live type, but if we can't agree that dead kids aren't fodder for commercial exploitation, then we're all in trouble.

    Twitter did not take kindly to the ad:

    The second I see a kid in one of these commercials I immediately assume they're going to die. Thanks, Nationwide! #SuperBowl

    Nationwide just lost SO much business.

    Nationwide just ruined the Super Bowl.

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