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  • Ryan Fitzpatrick wants to play. For the Jets. So what's the issue?

    Shalise Manza Young at Shutdown Corner11 hrs ago

    The New York Jets currently have three quarterbacks on their roster, but not a single one started an NFL game in the 2015 season.

    The quarterback who started all 16 of the team's games last season? He's a free agent. And the Jets say they want him back.

    And that quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, says he wants back in too.

    So what's the problem?

    Fitzpatrick was at former teammate Willie Colon's charity golf tournament on Monday, and told Sirius XM NFL radio that contrary to an ESPN report last month that he'd rather retire than take the Jets' offer, he intends to play in 2016. And he wants to play for New York.

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  • Comparing JJ Watt's new logo to other players' designs

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner18 hrs ago

    Add J.J. Watt to the long, long, LONG list of players wanting to be the Jumpman.

    Watt has unveiled his new logo, to be used in Reebok branding efforts, and it's supposed to be a combination of "JJ," "W," and "99," if you look at it the right way: says the logo is meant to evoke the idea of a building constructed "from the bottom up," much like Watt's career. (It's apparently a contrast to skyscrapers which start construction 400 feet up in the air and build downward, or something.) Anyway, you'll see it on shirts and shoes and whatnot soon enough, even though it's not one percent as iconic as the Michael Jordan silhouette.

    Here's the real question, though: how does Watt's logo measure up to other recent NFL player logos? Let's consider, starting with Tom Brady:

    Here's Cam Newton:

    The recently-retired Calvin Johnson:

    And, uh, Robert Griffin III:

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