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  • Browns' brilliant trick play to Johnny Manziel erased due to penalty

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner19 mins ago

    The Browns will want to find ways to use first-round pick Johnny Manziel, and did they ever find one on Sunday.

    It's just too bad that a penalty away from the real action nullified a trick play you'd draw up playing on the street.

    The Browns had Manziel just on the field, his back to the action near the sideline, seemingly talking to offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. When the ball was snapped, Shanahan motioned to Manziel, Cleveland's backup quarterback, to run downfield. He was uncovered because it didn't look like he was part of the play and the Ravens didn't notice he was actually on the field and caught a pass from Brian Hoyer.

    Brilliant, right? Well, except for running back Terrance West had an illegal shift on the play, which brought it all back.

    The really bad part is that the Browns could only run that play once. Teams will see it and won't let it happen again. And it didn't even count. But give them points for creativity.


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  • Andy Dalton with the touchdown ... catch?

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner44 mins ago

    The one thing the Tennessee Titans probably didn't prepare for this week was Andy Dalton becoming a receiver.

    The Cincinnati Bengals used their quarterback in a new way in the first quarter on Sunday. The Bengals gave the ball to receiver Mohamed Sanu to the right, and then Dalton quietly snuck out to the left. Sanu pulled up and threw to Dalton.

    The funny thing is, Tennessee was mostly fooled but had one defender who was in position to make a play. And Dalton did a fantastic job snatching it out of the air, then running in for the touchdown.

    Dalton gets little recognition for being a good athlete, but he did plenty of read option in college at TCU. Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson has been paying attention. Now we know Dalton is a good receiver too.

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