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  • Which NFL teams got unfair schedules? University at Buffalo engineers know

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner23 hrs ago

    Washington Redskins fans, you might not want to hear this.

    University at Buffalo engineers, who have done a study on imbalances in the NFL schedule and presented it at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference earlier this year, have studied the 2015 NFL schedule that was released this week. One of the main imbalances they look at is which teams get the most games against "rested" opponents – those coming off Thursday night games or bye weeks.

    Yep, Washington got the shortest stick in that area.

    Washington plays five games against opponents with extra rest this year, the UB engineers said. That's the most in the NFL. The Redskins have three games against teams coming off bye weeks and two games against teams coming off a Thursday game. That's a very high number; it's almost one-third of Washington's schedule.

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  • John Elway: Demaryius Thomas holdout has 'zero value' to getting extension

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner1 day ago

    It was a tiny bit uncomfortable for John Elway the former Denver Broncos player to talk about the holdout of a player he now governs as John Elway the Broncos vice president of football operations/general manager.

    As the latter now, Elway believes that franchise-tagged wide receiver Demaryius Thomas staying away from offseason activities for now in lieu of a contract extension is a bad idea. Of course Elway does.

    "To be dead honest with you, I see absolutely zero value with him being away from here — zero value for him," Elway said at the Broncos' pre-draft press conference. "There's no value for him not to be here with his teammates, so as far as negotiations and him and a new deal and what's going on, we'd like to get something done. But by him being away from here, there is zero value not only to us, but to him. To me it makes no sense."

    How much value is that? Zero value. ("It's like how much more black can it get? And the answer is none — none more black.")

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