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  • Cheap shot late hit on Nick Foles incites brawl in Redskins-Eagles game

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner25 mins ago

    The Redskins-Eagles game kept getting chippier and chippier until things finally boiled over on one of the cheapest hits that will take place in the NFL this season.

    Eagles quarterback Nick Foles threw what appeared to be an interception by Bashaud Breeland (it was overturned after a replay review), and he was nonchalantly following the play as Breeland was tackled. As Breeland was going to the ground, Redskins defensive tackle Chris Baker blindsided him, hitting him and lifting Foles off his feet. Eagles offensive tackle Jason Peters was the first to get to Baker, hitting him in the face, and a brawl started on the sideline.

    The officials lost control of the game early, when there was a lot of talking and pushing (DeSean Jackson, in his return to Philadelphia, set the tone by reacting to a late hit by Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins in the first quarter), so it shouldn't have been a huge surprise it boiled over eventually. Baker was ejected, as was Peters. How bad were the officials? They originally announced that Redkins offensive tackle Trent Williams was ejected ... but got the wrong team. They meant Peters, who wears the same No. 71 that Williams wears.

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  • Ravens fullback mocks LeBron James to Cleveland fans

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner1 hr ago

    I guess the way to hit Cleveland fans the hardest these days is to mock LeBron James.

    The NBA's best player, who came back to Cleveland this offseason after winning a couple titles in Miami, has a pregame ritual of putting chalk on his hands and throwing it in the air. Fullback Kyle Juszczyk has been paying attention, and he had his celebration all planned out if he scored (which is odd, because when has anyone ever heard of Kyle Juszczyk, much less predicted him to score?).

    When Juszyzyk caught a short touchdown from Joe Flacco, he was ready. He pantomimed putting the chalk on his hands and throwing it in the air, like James.

    So there you have it. When a player on the opposing team doesn't have a signature celebration move to mock, you can always just study up to find out if any of that city's basketball players have one you can steal.


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