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  • High school girl enlists New York Jets' help to ask friend to prom

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner1 day ago

    Well, here's one way to get a boy's attention to ask him to prom, if he's a New York Jets fan.

    Sarah Kardonsky of Division Avenue High School at Levittown, N.Y., decided to go all out with her #promposal. She asked her friend, Michael Pagano, to prom by getting multiple Jets players, including cornerback Antonio Cromartie, to film a video, with every one of them asking Michael to go to prom with Sarah.

    (UPDATE: The story gets even better. Kardonsky told that Pagano has autism, and asked her to prom first. Kardonsky had a date, she told, but "I talked to my other date who was okay with me doing this and i wanted to make it special for him!")

    Here's guessing a simple note would have worked too, but this is a pretty impressive effort. Here's the video she posted on Facebook, which was played in her class.


    Congrats @michaelpagano_ @sahdonsky 🎉🎉

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