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  • Michelle Obama mentions the White House's 'Champagne Room'

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner34 mins ago

    It's a reasonable enough question: where, in fact, does the President of the United States watch the Super Bowl? But when CBS's Gayle King, interviewing the Obamas just before Super Bowl 50, inquired about the White House's many TV-watching venues, the First Lady of the United States offered up an interesting tidbit:

    .@Potus remembered the @ChrisRock #champagneroom song. You can tell when he throws his hands up. @FLOTUS

    "There's the, what I call, the Champagne Room," Michelle Obama said. "It's where my mother sits."

    Yes! The White House has a Champagne Room! How sweet is that, huh? At the end of their combined interview, Michelle Obama left the president to continue, while she retired to a more comfortable locale:

    "You guys can talk," Michelle Obama said. "I'm going up to the Champagne Room."

    Let's get one last look at the president's reaction, shall we?

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