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  • Falcons' Devonta Freeman stops his jog, helps woman with lawnmower

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner4 hrs ago

    Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman was just getting in a nice little evening jog Monday when he saw a woman struggling in her front yard.

    Eleanor Szendel, 82, was having trouble unloading her lawnmower, and Freeman decided to veer his workout a little bit. Pretty soon he was offering to step in and mow Szendel's grass for her as she was struggling to empty the grass clippings from the mower, because it was getting dark as afternoon quickly was turning to night.

    According to the Tallahassee Democrat, Freeman's offer was respectfully rebuffed — she was pretty much finished — but he instantly endeared himself to Szendel and her daughter-in-law, Denise Szendel, who was planting rose bushes for Mother’s Day nearby.

    Although the famous Falcons and former Florida State footballer didn't initially identify himself, Szendel knew exactly who he was.

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