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  • You'll want to see Peyton Manning dancing to 'Rocky Top'

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner2 hrs ago

    Nobody ever said Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was graceful on the football field.

    So it also shouldn't come as a surprise that Manning isn't the world's best dancer. He tried, when "Rocky Top" came on before Broncos practice. Like a good Tennessee alum, Manning lit up for the song, and started ... well, I guess you'd call it dancing? I think Elaine Benes would be proud. The NBC affiliate in Denver, 9News, caught it on video. Thank you, 9News.

    We also get the bonus shot of Broncos receiver Wes Welker getting down, which was pretty impressive. At least we know the Broncos are keeping it loose during camp.

    Here's another angle, from Channel 7 in Denver:

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  • NFL VP defends Ray Rice suspension, appears tone deaf to public outcry

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner8 hrs ago

    Commissioner Roger Goodell might be the one handing down discipline in the NFL, but he doesn't always have to be the first to respond to criticism for it.

    The league sent out of NFL vice president labor policy and government affairs Adolpho Birch as a human bullet shield on ESPN in lieu of Goodell on Monday after Friday's two-game suspension for Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, discipline that roundly was met with contempt from the public.

    “It is multiple games and hundreds of thousands of dollars. I think it’s fair to say that doesn’t reflect that you condone the behavior,” Birch said on the network's Mike & Mike show, defending the suspension that came off as extremely light for a man who beat and then publicly dragged his fiancée (now wife) through the halls of an Atlantic City hotel.

    Why Birch? Who is he?

    In his bio on the Partnership For Clean Competition website, Birch's responsibilities are described as such: 

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