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  • Chicago sportscaster apologizes for tasteless joke in Cutler pun

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner7 hrs ago

    The Chicago Bears have become a joke. Football teams that have become jokes illicit jokes from the people who watch them.

    But there's a line of taste and standards, too, and one Chicago broadcaster certainly crossed it.

    After the Bears lost to the New Orleans Saints, deeping their nightmare of a season, WLS-TV sports anchor Mark Giangreco spoke over while a sixth-grade pun of a chyron headline — "Cut him or cut your wrists" — ran next to a picture of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who has drawn the continued ire of Bears fans after another slew of turnovers in the loss.

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    Suicide-prevention advocates likely didn't see the gallows humor in the caption.

    After a strong negative response to it, Giangreco issued an apology, via

    “My remarks were inappropriate, and I deeply regret and apologize for this incident. I will be issuing an on-air apology in [Wednesday] evening’s newscast,” Giancreco said.

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