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  • Aqib Talib falls off NFL Network stage, pops up grinning

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner21 mins ago

    It was a rough night during the Super Bowl for Aqib Talib, and a rough night afterward trying to get up on the NFL Network stage:

    Aqib Talib falls off the stage!

    But a Super Bowl ring will cure a lot of back-end bruises, and wipe out the memory of a game where Talib had three penalties in quick succession that could have taken him out of the game. Since Talib and the Broncos won, so everybody's grinning.

    Of course, it's worth noting that someone else nearly fell at the Super Bowl, but caught herself:

    Aqib, you're no Beyonce, sir. But that's OK.

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  • Cam Newton gets 'Crying Jordan' treatment after Super Bowl loss

    Yahoo Sports Staff at Shutdown Corner1 hr ago

    To the victors go the spoils. 

    To the losers go the Crying Jordan memes. 

    The Super Bowl hadn't even officially ended on Sunday when the wiseacres of the Internet started pasting Michael Jordan's face on Cam Newton and assorted teammates from the Carolina Panthers. 

    Why? Because it's February 2016 and that's what people on the Internet do. 

    Here are some of the ones that made us chuckle:

    Michael Jordan's @hornets advice to Cam Newton @CameronNewton for @superbowl50

    you may RT now for all your cam newton Michael Jordan crying faces memes

    this is an elite crying Jordan (via @SPUN)

    Without a doubt, the best Crying Jordan EVER!

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