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  • Report: Warrant forthcoming for LeSean McCoy in Philadelphia brawl

    Shalise Manza Young at Shutdown Corner17 hrs ago

    Things aren't getting better for LeSean McCoy.

    Citing sources, ABC-6 Philadelphia is reporting that the district attorney has recommended criminal charges be brought against the Buffalo Bills running back, and warrants are expected to be issued Wednesday or Thursday.

    The charges are expected to include aggravated assault.

    They stem from an incident early Sunday morning at a Philadelphia nightclub, Recess.

    According to the police report, McCoy, former NFL running back Curtis Brinkley and two other men were at the club and argued with two off-duty police officers over the purchase of a bottle of Champagne. The first complainant was punched and kicked to the ground; while on the ground, he was punched, kicked and stomped on his body and head by all four suspects. He brought himself to the hospital and was treated for a cut to his right eye, broken nose, broken ribs and a sprained thumb.

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  • Behold a J.J. Watt carved from wood

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner18 hrs ago

    Somehow, J.J. Watt inspires endless devotion in his fans, mainly because he does things likedress up as Batman andblow up stage-jumpers at Zac Brown shows and playing hockey and so much more. Fans have shown their devotion by creatingeverything from J.J. Watt cakesto, well, wooden statues:

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