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  • Lions' Fauria injured trying to stop Lil' Rufio from urinating inside house

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner16 hrs ago

    The Detroit Lions officially are the kings of the bizarre injuries.

    Last year, Nate Burleson broke his arm trying to prevent pizzas from sliding off his car seat. In Week 3, Stephen Tulloch suffered a season-ending torn ACL while celebrating a teammate's play. Heck, Matthew Stafford almost was hit by a falling bridge on Monday.

    But Lions tight end Joseph Fauria has entered the team's Injury Hall of Fame for his mishap. 

    Fauria was trying to stop Lil' Rufio from urinating in the house when he misstepped & sprained his ankle at home.

    That's the Lions' official Twitter account. Not that of The Onion.

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