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Andre Johnson sums up the Houston Texans: ‘We suck’

Frank Schwab
Shutdown Corner

After nine straight losses, including Sunday's defeat to Jacksonville, we all knew the Houston Texans were bad.

Still, it's another thing to hear that come from receiver Andre Johnson after the loss to the Jaguars. And he was blunt about it.

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"We suck," Johnson told reporters after the game [check out video above], then continued after a pause. "As an offense. That's pretty much it."

Oh. OK.

But Johnson wasn't done. Last week, Texans fans booed so loudly that the offense had to go to a silent count. The best player in franchise history said that the fans should boo the team as much as they want.

"You’re not going to play perfect every single game, but I mean, it’s been bad, you know?" Johnson said. "They were booing us last week. They booed us before. I said it before, if we’re not putting good stuff on the field, we ain’t giving them nothing to cheer about. They booed. They should boo."

Johnson obviously isn't happy. Last week he had a blowup with quarterback Matt Schaub after a loss to the Raiders, then when asked about staying in Houston, Johnson said, “I’m under contract so I have to play my contract out.”

Fun times in Houston. It's not going to get much better the rest of the season either, so we'll keep an eye on Johnson to see what else he has to say.

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