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All the NFL coaches but one posed for a group photo. One guess who didn't.

NFL head coaches.

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NFL head coaches, via @CardsMarkD.

At the annual NFL owners meetings, currently taking place in Orlando, Fla., every current NFL head coach gathered for one big class photo. Well, all but one.

Take a guess who skipped out.

The full photo, via Mark Dalton of the Arizona Cardinals, is above; there will be a higher-resolution copy coming soon, obviously. But already, we can make a few observations:

There was no dress code whatsoever. Some guys looked like they came in off the golf course, some looked like they were ready for a formal dinner. Jim Harbaugh isn't wearing a Sharpie around his neck, but he is rocking the khakis, of course. And Andy Reid looks like he wrapped himself in grandma's drapes.

Could these guys look any more uncomfortable? Seeing them without a headset and a sneer is strange. They don't know what to do with themselves. (Pete Carroll in the front right is a notably chill exception, but then you'd expect that.) Hands on knees or lap? In front or behind? Who cares? Can we just get this done so we can go watch film, huh?

About half of these guys, 14 of 31, weren't with their current team just two years ago. This is not a profession for those interested in longevity.

Oh, and the missing coach? One hint: he'd have shown up wearing a hoodie. Oh, and his name rhymes with "Dill Delichick." Of course.


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