About that acting, boss: Marshawn Lynch to star in movie about himself

Frank Schwab
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About that acting, boss: Marshawn Lynch to star in movie about himself

From being famously muted to starring in a full motion picture about his life: The Marshawn Lynch Story.

Of all the players in the NFL who you'd expect to want a movie telling their life story (and we can think of some who probably call studios daily pitching it), Lynch might be one of the last ones you'd consider. The Seattle running back is as quiet as they come, not only declining to talk to the media most days but according to his Seahawks teammates, he doesn't have a whole lot to say to them either.

We'll know all we need to know about Lynch when the movie "Family First," which is about his life story, arrives in theaters. According to the San Jose Mercury News (h/t to CBS' Eye on Football) Lynch will star in the biopic, which is scheduled to be released at the end of the year. NFL quarterback Josh Johnson, recently signed by the 49ers, will be in it as well.

The movie will focus on Lynch's rise from growing up in Oakland to Super Bowl champion with the Seahawks. It also doesn't appear like it will be a Charlie Chaplin-style silent film either, and that Lynch will actually speak. The Mercury News said Lynch sat in on casting for the movie and couldn't sit still, jumping in skits with auditioners. That's a side of Lynch, who is well known for his "Beast Mode" nickname and highlight runs on the field, the public hasn't seen much of.

"For me, it's just about having some fun," Lynch told the Mercury News. "It's just a fun experience. I also get to shine light on the community and some of the things that we grew up doing and what we went through."

Lynch probably does have an interesting story to tell, and he is a great player. Hopefully he wins an Academy Award for the movie, just so we can see the acceptance speech.

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