Shutdown Corner

  • What can Tom Brady do during suspension? Not much with Patriots, it turns out

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner40 mins ago

    We know the NFL is restrictive with players who are suspended. They can’t be with their team, basically, at all.

    But we admit we didn’t quite know just how restrictive it is for a suspended player. Take Tom Brady. You’ve heard of him, right? And deflate-gate — by now you know that whole deal. Well, starting at precisely 4 p.m. ET Saturday, Sept. 3 (and we would not put it past the NFL having a garrison stationed, like, at Gillette Stadium at that time), Brady has to have everything he needs out of his locker until Monday, Oct. 3.

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    And don’t even TRY to sneak into a luxury box at University of Phoenix Stadium to catch Jimmy Garoppolo’s first start, Tom. Here’s everything Brady can’t do:

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  • Bengals' Vontaze Burfict has no f-bombs to give for Steelers

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner3 hrs ago

    If you have any memory of how the Cincinnati Bengals’ season ended, then you might understand why Vontaze Burfict might be hesitant to discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers in great depth.

    The Bengals fell completely apart in the final 90 seconds of the home playoff loss to their rivals, and Burfict had a hand in it. After a Bengals fumble, 15-yard penalties by Burfict and Adam Jones put an injured Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers in the unexpected position of stealing the game.

    Plain and simple, it was an incredible meltdown by a team that hasn’t won a playoff game since the 1990 season. Hence Burfict’s frustration, which came out in what he had to say to The MMQB.

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  • Panthers acquire Browns punter who dogged it on touchdown return

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner22 hrs ago

    The Cleveland Browns traded punter Andy Lee to the Carolina Panthers, but this isn’t your everyday punter trade.

    First of all, the timing is fascinating. Not on the Panthers’ end; their expected punter, Mike Scifres, suffered a knee injury against the New England Patriots and had to leave the game. But for the Browns, they could not have enjoyed watching Lee, their former Pro Bowl punter, completely dog it on a 73-yard punt return touchdown by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Adam Humphries.

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