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  • Undrafted La'el Collins still not a suspect in shooting after police meeting

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner8 hrs ago

    After meeting with Baton Rouge police on Monday, La'el Collins is still not considered a suspect in the shooting of Brittany Mills, his former girlfriend.

    It's also after the NFL draft has come and gone, but teams are still interested to see how the case plays out. Collins, a former LSU offensive tackle, met with homicide detectives for more than an hour on Monday, the New Orleans Times-Picayune said. BRPD spokesman Cpl. Don Coppola told the Times-Picayune that Collins is still not considered a suspect.

    Mills was pregnant when she was shot and killed on April 24. Authorities wanted to question Collins. He left the draft in Chicago to go back to Louisiana. And as all of this was unfolding, Collins went from a near first-round lock to entirely undrafted.

    Collins' attorney Jim Boren said Collins answered every question. Boren was asked if he thought Collins would be cleared of the charges, according to the Times-Picayune.

    "Only the police can answer that question," Boren said, according to the paper. "In my mind he's been cleared from the very beginning."

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