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  • Looks like lots of people chose to watch the presidential debate over Saints-Falcons

    Shalise Manza Young at Shutdown Corner5 hrs ago

    In July, after the dates of the three 2016 presidential debates were announced, Republican candidate Donald Trump took umbrage with the scheduling. Having two of the three debates on the same night as prime-time NFL games was an attempt by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and her party to “rig” the events, Trump said.

    But if ratings from Monday night’s Atlanta Falcons-New Orleans Saints matchup are any indication, there were a lot of people who were tuned into the first debate of the year and not ESPN.

    Via Sports Media Watch, the Falcons’ win drew a 5.7 overnight rating, an incredibly low number.

    How low? Possibly the lowest in “MNF” history, according to the site. Though complete overnight ratings records were unavailable, the lowest final rating in “MNF” history is a 5.1. No other “MNF” game has rated lower than a 5.7.

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