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  • When will YOUR city host the Super Bowl?

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner1 hr ago

    The NFL has just completed its latest rounds as Super Bowl Santa, dispensing game dates to Atlanta, South Florida and Los Angeles while leaving NFL-branded coal in the stockings of Tampa and New Orleans. It's surely just a coincidence that Atlanta, Los Angeles, and 2018 host Minnesota will have brand-spankin'-new stadiums and South Florida is spending hundreds of millions on renovations. Just a coincidence. Anyway, all this talk about Super Bowls surely has you thinking, "hey, great for them, but what about ME? When do we get a Super Bowl in our fair city, huh?"

    Glad you asked. Let's take a look at every NFL city and see when you can expect the NFLstravaganza to show up near you.

    Arizona (Last hosted in 2015): Warm weather, a modern stadium, all appropriate amenities nearby, and pesky politics settled make Phoenix a safe and sanitized choice, the comfort food of Super Bowl sites. Should get one by 2026.

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  • 'Has anyone ever kissed your Super Bowl rings?'

    Shalise Manza Young at Shutdown Corner19 hrs ago

    This offseason, Shutdown Corner will travel down memory lane with a series of stories presenting some interesting and sometimes forgotten stories from the NFL's past. Join us as we relive some of the greatest and craziest moments in the sport's history.

    In January 2009, the New York Jets hired Rex Ryan to become the 18th head coach in the franchise's history, and Ryan arrived with a roar. A proclamation that the team would be winning the Super Bowl and visiting the President as well as announcing that his squad would be "the most physical" team in the NFL were part of his introductory press conference.

    And he didn't stop there.

    Ryan didn't wait long to take aim at Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, the kings of the AFC East, Ryan's new division after several years with the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC North.

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