49ers’ Anthony Davis celebrates Ric Flair, takes shot at Green Bay

Jay Busbee

The San Francisco 49ers are in Appleton, Wisconsin, awaiting Sunday's showdown with the Green Bay Packers. And at least one player, tackle Anthony Davis, is not exactly thrilled with his accommodations, as you can see in the tweet above.

Nature Boy Ric Flair spoke to the 49ers to fire up the team, and as Davis noted, the surrounding area offered little in the way of distraction. Visiting teams stay 40 minutes outside of Green Bay because almost no hotels in the city are large enough to handle an NFL team. The only Green Bay hotel with enough capacity has an associated casino, which would lead to a whole new set of headaches for curfew-enforcing coaches.

So what did Flair talk about? Not romance, that's for sure:

If the 49ers are able to best the Packers and move on to face the Panthers, they won't have far to look to bring back Flair, who lives in Charlotte. Whooooooo!
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