49ers’ Aldon Smith and Titans’ Delanie Walker sued over alleged shooting

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San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith allegedly hosted a house party with Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker in 2012.

It now appears like a party both men would like to forget.

Ronndale Esporlas has filed the lawsuit in Santa Clara County accusing both men of repeatedly and illegally firing weapons on numerous occasions during that party in June 2012, according to Esporlas is represented by attorney David Kleczek.

According to the court documents, Smith allegedly charged $10 per person to get into the party, and patrons were charged $5 per drink. Both men were allegedly intoxicated and appeared on the balcony of the home and began shooting their guns in the air. Walker allegedly made his way to the driveway and began firing in the air and at others attending the party.

Esporlas alleges that a group of people on the street began firing gunshots toward the home. That is when Smith and Walker supposedly fired back, leaving Esporlas in the crossfire, which resulted in him being shot twice in the leg. The lawsuit describes Esporlas' injuries as “serious, catastrophic and permanent.”

In addition, neither Smith nor Walker contacted any emergency responders after the incident, according to the lawsuit. The plaintiff also alleges Walker and Smith illegally fired handguns several other times on the property prior to this incident.

Obviously, Smith and Walker will face a lot of scrutiny in the court of public opinion.

Esporlas apparently has injuries, but it remains to be seen what Smith and Walker’s liability might be. If the allegations are true, both men made a pretty bad judgment call, however, Walker and Smith have not given their side of the story yet.

No matter what, Smith and Walker will likely face another judge in the future.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who will have to determine if either player deserves a league suspension for their alleged actions.

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