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2nd Greatest Mustache in NFL History: Jeff Hostetler

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If you're going to have the nickname "Hoss," and you're going to take the field as an NFL quarterback ... you damn sure better have the mustache to back it up.

Jeff Hostetler's mustache was vastly underrated. I point to two things:

1) If you can't picture a guy without his mustache, then he's grown a damn fine mustache. I can't picture Hoss without his handsome brand of fanny tickler. I bet if he even tried to shave it off, the mustache would revolt and refuse to be shaved. It would turn to steel, develop a voice box, and say, "Nope. You want me gone, you'll have to take the entire upper lip off."

2) Dave Wannstedt copied his look.

The Wannstache claimed #7 on this list, and many justifiably felt like it was it was wronged to have been slotted so low on the list. But Wanny copied everything from Hostetler. The neatly-feathered hair, the copstache, everything. The whole look.

And at least Hostetler had the good sense to attach a Super Bowl win to such a fine mustache. Wannstedt might as well have shaved "LOSER" across his upper lip.

And here's a bit of trivia for you, too: Only two quarterbacks have won Super Bowls while sporting a mustache: Jeff Hostetler and Doug Williams.

The Honorable Mentions
#11: Romeo Crennel
#10: Wes Welker
#9: Walter Payton
#8: Joe Namath
#7: Dave Wannstedt

#6: Cliff Harris
#5: Conrad Dobler
#4: Drew Pearson
#3: Mike Ditka

The Greatest Mustache in NFL History

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